Privacy Policy

We as a company are trying to bring you excellent applications and since the privacy of your information is important to us we are asking you to go through the privacy policy presented below.

  • How do we approach privacy?

Your privacy is what matters to us.

Confidentiality of the information which is regarded as personal and non-personal is our prime concern and we would like you to feel safe while using our products. In this privacy policy you will find out more about our approach to your information and we would kindly advise you to look into it and be up to date with our operations.

  • Collection of information

Our company has developed applications which are not intended to collect any personal nor non-personal information about the users. If you are asked to grant any permissions this is only due to the proper functioning of the application. Your e-mail address can be the only data that we might acquire about you. This will happen once you reach us to express any questions about this privacy policy. Please have in mind that this information is safe with us and we will not forward it to third parties nor misuse it in any other way. On the other hand, the partners who are connected with us might obtain certain information about you and this will result in third parties sending you targeted ads. The content that is going to be presented to you is not in our domain and we cannot be responsible for what might come on your device. Please be aware that by using our services you are at the same time giving your consent to the third parties.

Deletion of information     

When you send us an e-mail in order to reach us about any doubt about this privacy policy our company will have your address stored in a database automatically. There is a chance to erase it from our database and all you will have to do is reach us at the same address and express your wish.

  • Interest-based ads

Interest-based ads are going to be displayed to you by third parties and they refer to the targeted marketing. All of you who do not wish to receive this content will have the chance to opt out from marketing.

  • Third parties’ services

Regardless of the fact that we are not collecting any information about our users you should be aware that this is different with our partners. They might get a hold of your data both, personal or non-personal. Third parties will use this and display interest-based ads on your device. They will acquire anonymous information about other applications and will keep track of the sites you visit, and the apps you are downloading with your mobile phone or tablet. Also, non-precise information about location which they will get using cookies and other web beacons will help them to provide you with targeted advertising. It is not possible for us to know the content of these interest-based ads and therefore we cannot be held responsible for anything that you might receive.

  • Our partners

What we are striving for is delivering free or low cost products that are going to be of high quality and with respect to this we have several partners who are likely to gather information about you. Personal and non-personal data will be at their disposal and if at any point you would like to limit their access to getting personal information about you, there is a way to opt out from tracking. We would like you to be informed and up to date with the way these partners are treating your information and this is why you should revise the privacy policies of them. You will be able to find them below and please feel free to inform yourself about the subjects that are of your interest. The list is open for changes in the future since some partners of ours might be replaced or we will expand our cooperation with the others.

  1. AdColony
  2. Google Admob,
  3. Facebook Audience Network,
  4. Supersonic,
  5. AppLovin,
  6. Appnext,
  7. Chartboost,
  8. Fyber,
  9. Heyzap,
  10. Unity Ads,


  • Sharing information to social networks and other portals

Social networks and other Portals (Google, Facebook, YouTube…) will have an access to your personal as well as non-personal information once you press a certain option (share, more apps…) that is offered to you in the application. This will provide them with a chance to see your user name, contact data, and all other information which are placed in your profile account. It would be enough to create an account or to log in and these Portals will obtain aforementioned data about you. It is highly advisable to examine the privacy policies of them and learn more about the way they are handling your operation.

  • Protection and security of data

We are striving to ensure safety of your information and you could be sure that since our applications are not collecting any of your information your data is safe. However, we are not in the position to make the same guarantees for our partners who are gathering your information.

  • Information from children

Since our applications are not designed to collect information from users this is also valid for children. We are not gathering any data from the youngest ones and would like to make clear that children are safe with us. We would like to give a piece of advice to all parents and guardians. It is really important that going online by your child is safe and secure. How you will accomplish this? By monitoring the activities of your youngsters and familiarizing yourself with the sites they are visiting you will be able to supervise their usage of the internet. Advise them that date of birth, name, e-mail address, home address, name of school, phone number and other similar information should not be disclosed at any circumstances.

  • Disclosing of sensitive information

In order to ensure the privacy of your information all of you should be acquainted that certain data are not to be revealed on the internet in any circumstances. This refers to your name, date of birth, home address, and e-mail address, ethnic background, expressing your political views as well as religious beliefs and many others. Keep in mind that sensitive information is not to be disclosed.

  • How to end targeted marketing?

Please be notified that you will be getting interest-based ads from third parties. What is important to highlight is that you are given an option to opt out from this advertising material. By pressing Limit ad tracking or Opt out of interest-based ads you will put an end to getting these materials. What you have to be aware of is that the ads which are not composed on your preferences will continue to come to your device. To leave out yourself from receiving all kinds of ads you will need to uninstall the application in question. When you make your decision and opt out from receiving targeted ads our partners will have to comply with your wishes. If your device is iOS 7 or above you should go into your Settings and then select Privacy and then Advertising and enable Limit ad tracking. For all of you have iOS 6 you need to choose Settings, General then About and go into Advertising and enable Limit ads tracking. There is also a solution for all of you who have Android with OA 2.2 and Google Play services version 4.0 and up. You should open Google Settings app, then go to Ads and enable Opt out of interest-based advertising.

  • Modification of Privacy Policy

From time to time you should reread this Privacy Policy since it is likely that some changes might occur in the future. You should keep yourself informed about our manner of operating.

  • Contact details

For any question that you might have regarding this Privacy Policy you should use the following e-mail address to contact us:

If there is anything unclear, we would be more than happy to explain it.